Program Overview

New Heights Boosts Achievement
of Striving Readers

New Heights is a resource that helps to build comprehension and fluency. Watch how audio-assisted, repeated readings can boost the achievement of your striving readers!

New Heights’ game-changing Reading Pen is both motivational and mobile! It reads text, records students’ reading, and connects to earbuds for quiet listening.

New HeightsTM
Competent, grade-level readers are readers who comprehend what they read.
Start building comprehension today!

Each New Heights set includes:

  • 20 high-interest titles, a balance of fiction and informational texts
  • 2 eight-page assessment titles
  • 4 reading pens with full text recordings
  • 1 activities and assessment CD
  • 1 program guide
  • 1 storage box

Develop reading skills and increase comprehension with New Heights’ combination of explicit instruction and independent practice.

Assessment titles – 2 at each stage – provide quick baseline and progress checks.

New Heights’ Program Guide provides a wealth of resources for implementing the program effectively, including:

  • Program implementation ideas, including suggestions for orientations and conferencing, teacher prompts, and tracking student progress
  • Assessment tips, including the administering, scoring, and interpretation of Running Records
  • New Heights’ complete and compelling research base, and more!