Program Materials

Reading Pens


The reading pens contain audio files for all supported titles in the program. They have the following features:

  • The reader introduces the title, the author, and the illustrator or photographer of the book.
  • The books are read naturally, with clarity and expression. The reader pauses after phrases so that the student can easily read along.
  • Punctuation is observed; for example, there is a brief pause when a comma occurs in the text.
  • A tone change will generally indicate a change from narrative to dialogue and vice versa.
  • The books are read at varying speeds, according to their different levels of difficulty, so that the student can easily read along.
  • There are no distracting noises on the audio support. This enables the student to concentrate on listening to the words and following the text in the book.

Activities (CD)

New and refreshing text-related activities accompany each supported student title:

  • Cloze activities, in which the student fills in the gaps in text, for assessing and improving comprehension
  • Text-sequencing activities, in which the student reads and arranges summaries of a text in sequence, for improving comprehension skills
  • Word search activities , in which the student locates words that are hidden in grids, for improving spelling and identifying words
  • Board game activities, in which the student plays board games, for practicing reading and following instructions
  • Writing activities, in which the student uses text as a model and incentive for writing, for improving writing and reading skills

Assessment Titles

The two extra titles included among the student books are to be used for assessment titles. Assessment titles provide quick progress checks. These titles are indicated by red labels—A1 and A2—on their covers. These books are only to be used for assessment. If more than two books are needed for assessment, then any one of the supported books is suitable. A blank Assessment Template is provided on the CD, in this case.

New HeightsTM is easy to implement and proven to get results.

With New Heights’ support, your striving readers will be motivated and engaged by repeated readings, leading to rapid gains in their comprehension and ability to master texts of grade-level complexity.

New Heights’ high-interest reading choices, combined with the unique Reading Pen, make repeated readings meaningful and enjoyable for all students, and easy to manage for teacher and student.

New Heights supports college and career-readiness goals by:

  • helping students become active rather than passive listeners
  • encouraging students’ responses to texts, both orally and in writing
  • motivating the most challenged readers toward more complex text.


New HeightsTM has been proven to significantly increase reading enjoyment, confidence, and competency by:

  • Exposing students to complex texts beyond their current ability level, and providing the supports that will scaffold them higher
  • Improving word recognition, writing skills, spelling and comprehension
  • Guiding readers quickly through difficult words and passages, improving automaticity
  • Demonstrating fluent models of reading.

One-on-one conferencing coupled with student-generated reading choices increase engagement with the intervention process.

Use New Heights to:

  • Provide explicit instruction through teacher-led orientations and conferencing
  • Scaffold students’ vocabulary acquisition
  • Improve word recognition, rate, phrasing and expression
  • Extend comprehension through a variety of post-reading activities