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New Heights Program Guide

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Use New Heights to:

  • provide explicit instruction through teacher-led orientations and conferencing
  • scaffold students’ vocabulary acquisition
  • improve word recognition, rate, phrasing and expression
  • extend comprehension through a variety of post-reading activities

New Heights is easy to implement and proven to get results. With New Heights’ support, your struggling readers will be motivated and engaged by repeated readings, leading to rapid gains in comprehension and their ability to master texts of grade-level complexity.



New Heights’ Notes for Familes

To encourage families to help students at home, resources found below (and on the Digital Activities CD) include:

  • a note explaining that their child is taking part in the New Heights program
  • a note explaining the “Praise, Wait, and then Tell” technique
  • bookmarks that explain which kind of practice a student needs.

These notes are provided in English and Spanish. Click the corresponding picture below to download its PDF version.

English Take-Home Notes

Spanish Take-Home Notes